Knot For The Faint of Heart

Riihimaen Lasi is a famous Finnish Glass Company.    These three pieces were produced in 1976.    The designer is Tamara Aladin and the name of the pieces in the collection is Solmuke (“Knot” translated).

These pieces are currently available at the shop at 1066 Dundas St. West.    Don’t forget we have limited retail hours, so be sure to come Friday through Sunday


  1. Jonathan wrote:

    I recently found an identicle small vases to the one listed in this blogpost as Solmuke by Tamara Aladin. Unfortunately when I went to find corroborating information I was astonished that I couldn’t find anything to support your attribution here. Luckily today I stumbled across the reason. The small vase here and my own are part of the 1965-1968 Paraati series by Nanny Still for Riihimaen Lasi. Mystery solved.